Wednesday, 11 September 2013

First Day of College OOTD : Pinafore, Blouse & Satires

Pinafore - New Look
White Blouse - (random shop on the high street)
Necklace (set of 3) - Primark
Blazer - H&M
Bag - Primark
Shoes - Nike Satires
Rings - Primark
Gold Bracelet - Primark
Gold Bangle - H&M
Watch - (present from USA)
Beaded Bracelet (present from Morocco)
Earrings - New Look
Lips - Miss Sporty Bubblegum
MUA Blusher - Candyfloss

Hey fashionistas!

First of all, apologies for the 'oily faced' pictures at the start, it was the end of the day, I just got in and remembered I hadn't snapped any photos for the blog. Doh!
Second of all, no natural lighting was used for these pictures, dark outside so full on flash, yeah, hence my orange face. Double doh!

Enough of justifying myself, onto the outfit.

I couldn't wait to wear this pinafore, if you saw my 'pinafore' post that I put up a couple of days ago, I expressed my love for it.
I had this outfit planned for weeks and was just waiting for college to come round.

After having a pretty wasted day at college (only went in for an hour and a half), I headed to Oxford Street to check out some shops and make use of the fact that I got myself up and ready, out of the house, looking decent.
Due to being 'decent-looking', I was stopped outside Topshop by a group of college students asking to take pictures of me for their school project, I just smiled and said 'yeah, of course'.
It was so weird because I usually hate people taking pictures of me when I'm not ready but it was such a surprise that I just said yes.

Enough rambling, I'm super excited for Autumn and I can't wait to start wearing all my Autumn clothes and make up haha, are you guys excited?

What was your first day back outfit? Would you wear mine and how would you wear it?
Let me know lovelies!

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Thanks for reading!

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