Saturday, 21 September 2013

Autumn Outfits feat. Choies*

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Hi everybody,

How's the start of Autumn been for you guys? I've been feeling pretty cold but I've been really excited to wear my A/W gear. I've been at home a lot as my college timetable has been a bit of a shambles and I've had a day off here and there. A life update should be up sometime next week so I'll fill you lovelies in on what's been happening!

Onto the post, I was browsing on a website that I'd come across when I first started blogging, Choies. I've had their banner in my sidebar for a while but seemed to forget about it, when I was doing a sidebar clear out, I rediscovered it and rushed onto the site to have a look.

There was so many things that I wanted, I was adding this and that, jewellery and shoes to my wishlist due to the fact that I'm kind of on a shopping ban haha
So I decided, to make me feel better, why not make outfits and share them with the world, make outfits with clothes I can't have anytime soon. Don't know how this was supposed to make me feel better!

I did 3 outfits based on 3 different occasions/scenes. The first is a casual, everyday look, the second is more girly but still very casual, can be worn on a night out for dinner and the last is definitely more formal and looks more like work wear, it's a very powerful outfit I think haha

I'd wear every single outfit but obviously switch up the footwear for a pair of beautiful trainers, my favourite is probably the second one, girly but with a pair of trainers, it would definitely be more me.
What's your favourite outfit? I'd love to know!

Also, if you sign up to Choies, you get free points equivalent to $15 to spend online!

Hope this post helped with putting together Autumn outfits, hope you're all well and thanks for reading!


  1. Love the cut out boots that are coming into style these days - I have to get some of those

    1. Defo, there's some amazing ones out there!

      Thank you for commenting xo

  2. I love that heart print shirt, sooooo cute!

    1. Ahh me too, I hope you're not on a shopping ban too haha
      Thanks for leaving a comment xo


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