Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Lust List '13

Nike Satire - JD Sports
Pale Pink Crombie - Primark
Hello Poem Snood - Topshop

Hey everyone!

September's finally here and I'm so excited for Autumn. My lust list is pretty simple this month as a/w wear has taken over half of my list.

I've been wanting a pair of trainers for the longest time but I keep changing my mind on which pair I actually
want, during August I've been wanting the Nike Satires, I tried them on and they look great so I don't think I'm going to be lusting for very long!

Jackets and coats. I love buying jackets, I don't know why. At the end of the school year when we had to clear out our lockers, mine was always full of coats and jackets. At the end of my last year, I even had to throw some away 'cause I couldn't carry them all home *tear drops* I blame British weather.
I can't wait to purchase some jackets and coats and rock them throughout a/w!

I haven't been that excited with make up lately as I bought quite a bit of make up during summer but I want a new blusher and MUA's Bubblegum is the solution.

I saw the gold necklace on the New Look website and started thinking of ways to style it, I love how simple it is but it's also a statement piece.
A snood is something I've been thinking about, I love wearing scarves and snoods as they add extra oomph to an outfit. I love the black and white Topshop snood. I need.

What have you lovelies been keeping your eye on this August?
Thanks for reading!

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