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Winged Liner | FashionSquash's Helping Hand | Beauty Series

Hey everyone!

 This is the third post of the beauty series (click if you missed the 1st post, 2nd post or explanation post) and it's going to be a tutorial on how to do a winged liner.
I'm not any kind of expert but I feel like this is an easy way of getting an amazing wing!
Here we go!

Make Up

2True Effortless Eyeliner
w7 Automatic Fine Eyeliner Pen

 1. Comb out your eyelashes or use an eyelash curler to make sure all your eyelashes are facing the same direction.

2. Line up the eyeliner pen with your bottom lash line.

3. Lightly draw a straight line upwards, however long you want it to be.

4. From the top of the line, lightly draw a line down towards the lash line.

5. Go over the the lines you've drawn to darken them if you need to.

6. Hold the the eyeliner pen horizontally and press it along the top lash line, from the inner corner to the wing you've drawn.

7. Depending on your eye type, you can decide how thick you want the line across the lid.

8. Fill in the wing.

9. Join up the wing with the line you've drawn to give it smooth look.

10. All done!


 - Make sure you know what type of winged liner suits your eye type, it makes a difference.

- Figure out whether an eyeliner pen or a liquid eyeliner is better for you.

-Practice makes perfect, if you keep doing it, it gets easier.

Hope this has helped you lovelies with applying your winged liner!
Let me know if it helped, thanks for reading!


  1. You really should be a make-up artist :)
    I wear eyeliner almost every day, I really love this :D

    Kelly ||

    1. Haha thanks Kelly!
      Maybe one day :) xo


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