Thursday, 8 August 2013

Making It Big In Fashion


Hello everyone!

Yesterday I attended the Making It Big In Fashion event, it was held at Google Campus and  it was an event full of inspiration and networking.
There were a lot of inspirational speakers that gave us insight on the fashion industry.
Emile Carr, founder of Emile London spoke about his journey and the choices he had to make to become a fashion designer.
Yetunde and Jennifer, the two lovely ladies that created a fashion consultancy called Omi Api, they spoke to us and showed us what they do. I clearly remember them saying that their favourite part of providing their services was 'customer satisfaction', which is something to take away with you because they get their joy by helping others.
Managing director from Push PR, Emma Hart spoke about taking the plunge and to keep delving into different things until you find the right thing for you, don't do anything that you don't want to be doing. If it's your dream, go for it!
Debbie Shasanya who is an editorial assistant and also deals with fashion production told us about how she left the job she was doing to pursue a career in fashion and got to the top and ways to make yourself stand out among others when applying for jobs within the fashion industry.
She also gave us a breakdown of her day at work.
Fashion recruitment advisor, Leon Wenham, gave us great advice on what he looks for when recruiting. He also expressed how important personal grooming was and how different companies can be very specific when recruiting people and that not everyone could be the right person for that particular position.
Lastly Nicholas Dex, founder of ODF Clothing and Rip the Runway UK, spoke about his journey and how he started with something small but had to think about the future and decided to expand his business. He also said how he likes to use normal people to promote his business as it would be normal people that would buying from him, which I love because it's true.
Just do what you've got to do to make it. 'Have no shame, have game' is what he said!
From this event, I took away this advice with me:
-Take the plunge, don't be afraid to take risks.
-Work for free! Most companies look for people that have experience.
-Make yourself presentable.
-Don't do, what doesn't make you happy.
There was also an exhibition from Proverbs31 Jewellery, Diva Juwels, Kende Fashion, Caramel Rock Academy and Earle of Cakes.
I was really inspired at this event by all the guest speakers, a little bit of advice from each person has stuck with me and I'm grateful that I was able to attend to also speak to others about their success with their business.
Thanks for reading and watching!

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