Sunday, 4 August 2013

Birthday Haul


Real Techniques Core Collection
Crop Tops - Primark
Pinafore - New Look (sale)
MUA Glamour Nights Eye Shadow Palette
Sleek Face Contour Kit - Medium
Floral Textured Skirt - Primark
Dipped Hem Sheer Shirt - Primark (on sale)
Black Beanie - Primark
Shoe Liners - Primark
LA Colours - 5 Colour Metallic Eye Shadow - Devious
LA Colours Lip Liner - Smooth Plum
LA Colours Purely Matte Lipstick - Berry Ice
470 ml Thermal Mug - Primark
 Hello lovely people,

 It was my birthday about 2 weeks ago, as I am getting 'old' as my parents would say, most of my family had no idea what to get me and I hadn't really given them any hints either.
So giving money was probably the easiest option for them.
After being on a shopping ban for about a month and half until my birthday, I needed to go shopping.
 I was having serious withdrawal symptoms, walking into Superdrug, looking at different palettes and brushes then having to put it down with the help of someone snatching it from my hand and putting it back, it was so painful.
I always prefer to shop on a weekday as shops are always quieter making it easier to shop. I always seem to have some type of altercation when I shop because someone always seems to push my last button after having my feet stepped on and my bag knocked about.
My first purchase was a phone. The blackberry bold 9900. My previous phone was on its last legs, I'd had it for about 3 years and didn't want to give it up. As it was my birthday, I realised that I really needed to get a new one.

The real techniques brush were on my wish list for ages, so I decided to stop off at Boots and get them.
I originally wanted the Dusk til Dawn eye shadow palette by MUA but they didn't have it in all the Superdrugs I went in to, so opted for the Glamour Nights palette, which also has great colours.
After being a bit annoyed that I couldn't find the palette that I wanted, I also realised that they didn't have the Sleek contour kit, not to mention, I lost a felt tip eyeliner, I'd just bought from another Superdrug. I eventually purchased it from my local hair shop that have Sleek counters.

 I did quite a few Primark trips, mostly to get a few clothing items. I fell in love with the floral textured skirt, when I saw it I started planning outfits in my head haha
As I'm planning for a/w because I can't wait, I purchased a beanie, shoe liners and a thermal mug, the thermal mug that wouldn't let me leave Primark!

I love Beauty Base in Westfield, Stratford because of LA Colours! From their lipsticks to their palettes, you just can't go wrong if they're £1! Keeping with the a/w shopping theme, I decided to get a deep red lipstick and a plum lip liner. The palette was a random purchase as I wanted a palette that had colours that I wouldn't usually wear.

That was my haul for you guys, apologies for the excessively long post (if you got to the end!),
hope you enjoyed reading it.
Have you had any good buys recently?
Let me know, thanks for reading!



  1. Real Techniques sounds so good. I really want to try it because I've heard so many good things. Fantastic review of your haul, I love how your personality seems to comes across too! xx
    Heroine In Heels

    1. They really are great brushes, happy I bought them! And thank you so much xo

  2. Love the buys! Real Technique brushes are amazing however I only have the 1, in desperate need of the set!

    Love the blog

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

    1. I want to get the starter kit so bad, no shopping for me for a while!

      And thank you xo


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