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Applying Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyelids | FashionSquash's Helping Hand | Beauty Series


This is the second post of the beauty series (click here if you missed the first post and here if you missed the explanation post) and it's a eye shadow tutorial for those that have hooded eyelids. Hooded eyelids can be a pain but why not rock it with some killer eye shadow?

Let's get started!

Tools & Make Up

Superdrug Blending Brush
w7 Angled Eyeliner Brush
Real Techniques Detailer Brush
MUA Glamour Nights Palette - Shade 3, 4, 11
MUA Undressed Palette - Shade 5
Maybelline FIT Me Foundation 315 Soft Honey (not pictured, sorry!)

1. Apply a primer or a base colour all over the lid.
2. Using an eye shadow brush, apply shade 11 from the inner corner to two thirds of the lid.
3. Using shade 3, gently pat it onto the outer edge of the lid.
4. Without adding anymore eye shadow onto the brush, blend the eye shadow upwards and into the crease of the lid.
5. Using shade 5, blend out shade 3 into the brow bone to make sure there isn't any harsh lines.
6. With the detailer brush, apply shade 4 from the tear duct to about a third of the bottom lash line.
7. Using concealer (or a lighter foundation), follow your bottom lash line upwards and draw a line with the concealer and blend it out.
8. This is the stage where you would add some liquid eyeliner. (I didn't because I wanted the eye shadow to be the focus!)
9. Put some mascara on or eyelashes (or both!) whatever you prefer!
And there you have it, some lovely eye shadow!


Don't do too much crease work because once you open your eyes, it's going to be hidden.
Applying lots of mascara or lashes can help open up the eyes.
Concealing upwards from the lash line also helps lift the eyes.
Applying a bright colour eye shadow on the bottom lash line open up the eyes too, white eyeliner is also great.
I hope this helped you lovely ladies.
If you try this look, tweet me some pictures on twitter @JesslynJuly, I'd love to see them!
Thanks for reading!


  1. It looks like youve used really expensive make-up!!
    You look so good :D

    1. Haha thank you Kelly! MUA does the magic! xo


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