Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How's Life Jess?

Hey everybody,
This post is going to be a little bit different, it's a life update.
'How's life Jess?' is what the 'series' is going to be called. I like that. . . .  'How's life Jess?'
As some of you may know, I study a BTEC in Fashion & Clothing at college, there's been many up and downs throughout the academic year. From crazy teachers rattling your cage to laughing at something so silly at the wrong time, I can truly say it's been a bittersweet year.
I'm surprised at how fast this academic year has gone by but I'm happy I now longer have to get up in the mornings for the next 2 months.
Now, a life update wouldn't be a life update, if I didn't tell you about this amazing human being.
She's been by my side since the first day of college, when we both got off the bus together, late like always. We literally can be having a conversation and she'd say something I was just about to say, like she'd been reading my mind and vice versa.
I'd say she's a 'sister from another mister'.
(Gia, just read it and smile, haha)
Blogging. I love blogging.
I started this blog in November 2012, I don't find blogging to be like a chore or a job.
It's simply a hobby and I love it.
Now I've finished college for the year, posts are going to be more regular, I'm quite excited actually.
Other than blogging and college, life's been pretty boring guys.
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