Friday, 12 July 2013

Hair Essentials

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray
IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Olive Styling Gel
Dax Wave And Groom Hair Dress
Superdrug Hairspray Extra Firm
Hair Clip
Happy Friday!
 These are my hair essentials. I love my hair and try my best to look for products that will help me grow healthy hair. 
I wash my hair at least once every week and a half  to 2 weeks, partly because my hair is easier to handle when it's been washed recently and because when my hair hasn't been washed for a week, my head itches like crazy and I can't take that.
Most girls with Afro- Caribbean hair (that I know...) wash their hair every 2-3 weeks but I can't last that long.
I love the Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray, it came in the Company goodie bag that I purchased at Graduate Fashion Week. (I'm going to be doing a review soon-ish) It helps reduce blow drying time which is essential for me because my hair takes ages to blow dry!
The IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Olive Styling Gel is what I use to keep my hair in place when I have it up in  a bun, which is my 'signature' hairstyle. It doesn't flake and is very easy to wash out.
Also the Dax Wave And Groom Hair Dress is something I use to keep my hair in place when I have it up or when I want to keep my edges down.
Superdrug Hairspray Extra Firm is great for holding curls, it's not sticky and doesn't make my hair hard or anything like that, I could brush out the curls and my wouldn't be extra greasy or dirty, which I love.
Hair clip. It's something I use all the time, to put my hair up, to keep my hair in sections when  I'm blow drying etc.
These are my hair essentials, what are yours? Any you'd recommend? Let me know!
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  1. great post! really helpful xx

    1. thank you for reading and commenting xo

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