Friday, 5 July 2013

Current Favourites


Click here for 'How I Style My Blazers' post
MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette - Superdrug
Necklace - Primark
 Skirt - New Look (last summer)
MUA Cream Blusher - Dolly
w7 UV Nail Polish Rave
w7 Angled Eyeliner Brush
Sure Women Compressed Cotton Ultra Dry Deodorant
Hey everyone,
These are my current favourites guys, I love trying new products but when I find a product I love, I keep on using it until they stop selling it.
I love the MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette but shade 4 is my favourite shade, it  really brightens up the eyes and can be used for a day time look and night time look.
I use my angled eyeliner brush to conceal around my eyebrows, my brows take about 10 minutes to do and using this brush helps get them done in the time frame, especially when I'm in a rush!
The MUA cream blusher in Dolly is my favourite blusher as it isn't too bright and it adds a great everyday glow.
 The necklace is my favourite statement piece, I can wear it with a shirt, a white tee, a dress, it goes with everything!
The stripy skirt. I love it, any chance I get to thrown it on, I do, I recently featured it on my How I Style My Blazers post. It's great for spring/summer and is very easy to style.
What are your favourites at the moment guys? Anything you'd recommend?
Thanks for reading,


  1. I also love the w7 nail polish, do you have any other favourite colours from that range? x

    1. Yeah, I love the pastel pink colour too and I want to try the sheer blue one!


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