Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Collection Sheer Loose Powder - Translucent Review

If you know me, you'd know that I love drugstore make up products.
When I purchased this loose powder, 6 weeks ago, I was so excited to try it because I desperately needed a powder that would keep my oily skin at bay. I've been using it nearly everyday since I bought it.
 It comes with a sieve and a foam application pad which I recommend you don't use and throw out as it clumps up the powder in the sieve.

I apply it using my powder brush, it's very easy to apply but can be messy, I'm quite clumsy so powder goes everywhere!
I apply it after I've done my full face of make up e.g eyebrows, foundation, blusher etc. just because when I'm oily, everything's oily and who's like seeing oily brows. . . no one!

I usually apply it once when I do my make up in the morning and it does last all day (9am-4pm). If it's a really long day, I re-apply and it doesn't make me look cakey and it just dissolves on the skin and 'soaks' up the oil.

I like the way it makes my skin look smooth and velvety.
I hate when I feel like I'm adding a layer of product onto my face but with this powder, I don't feel like that at all, which is good for me.

I'd recommend this anyone who's a looking for a good quality powder with a cheap price. Retailing at £2.99, I think it's a good powder for that price.
I'd definitely purchase this powder again and again because it doesn't make me break out, being able to re-apply it without having to worry about build up on my face is great.

Overall, a big thumps to the Collection Sheer Loose Powder!

Have any of you tried it? Any similar ones out there that you like?

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