Monday, 15 July 2013

25 Facts About Me Tag / FashionSquash Edition

  1. I'm Nigerian.
  2. My favourite colours are lilac and pastel yellow. Always loved these colours.
  3. I listen to any type of music, anything that has a good beat, I'll sing along and dance to it.
  4. I'm shy. Meeting new people is such an awkward thing for me, but once we get talking, I won't stop!
  5. I can only clean with boiling hot water. e.g mopping, bathing, washing dishes. Weird I know.
  6. I'm always hungry. I could eat something every hour. Having a fast metabolism has its pros and cons.
  7. I have a nephrotic syndrome. It's not as scary as it sounds. Google it!
  8. I have 5 siblings. 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
  9. I'm the oldest child.
  10. I love everything about laughing. Making people laugh is my thing. I've been told that I'm funny, I'd like to believe I am anyway.
  11. I have a very big family. I have about 40 cousins on my mum's and my dad's side.
  12. I've had an interest in fashion since the age of 9.
  13. My dream career is a fashion designer.
  14. I hate milk, bananas, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes. Yuck!
  15. I can't leave my house without my eyebrows being done.
  16. My favourite movie is The Devil Wears Prada. Love it!
  17. I have a ketchup addiction. I put ketchup on EVERYTHING savoury.
  18. I talk in my sleep. My sister told me the other day, she thought I was on the phone haha
  19. I have 7 piercings. A tongue piercing, 4 ear lobe piercings (2 on each ear), a cartilage piercing and a tragus piercing. Tragus and tongue are my favourites!
  20. I have a phobia of mice/rats and injection needles.
  21. I hate cats. They scare me.
  22. I love photography. My love for photography has grown since doing a GCSE in Art.
  23. I'm a huge Hollyoaks fan. Everyday 6.30pm - 7.30pm, you'll catch me watching Hollyoaks.
  24. I have a tiny, round birthmark on my neck, people always feel the need to poke it.
  25. I'm hella ticklish. Tickle me and be ready to receive a punch or a kick and don't expect me to apologise.
That's my 25 facts about moi, gives you a little insight about me. Most people that know me well would probably say I've made myself sound normal but hey.

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Aw what a fun post, I'm scared of needles and mice too! You have nice eyebrows :)

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

    1. Horrible things, would be so happy if they disappeared haha and thanks, I try xo


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