Sunday, 28 July 2013

New Blog Series - FashionSquash's Helping Hand

Hey everyone,

Thought I would do something a little different for August. Every Friday starting the 2nd of August I will be doing a post for the FashionSquash's Helping Hand series.

This series is basically going to be tutorials. For the month of August, I'll be doing a beauty series. From how I do my eyebrows to cleaning my make up brushes!

I'm very excited to do this series as it's very different to what I usually do.

What do you guys think? You excited?
Stay tuned!

Disclaimer - This series is based on how I do things, that work for me, they may or may not work for you.
So please, please make sure it is suitable for you before trying anything.
Thank you.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Birthday OOTD

Blazer - Primark
Peplum Top - (birthday present from America)
Trousers - Jane Norman
Heels - New Look
Bracelet, Ring, Necklace & Bag - Primark

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

Mmm, chocolate!

Hey everyone!
This is just a quick post just to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday (20th July)! I had a great day with family and the celebration continues today with my grandma's birthday.
Felt like I waited ages to turn 17, it's not even that much of an exciting age but hey...
Keep your eyes peeled for a birthday OOTD, FOTD and a birthday haul!
Thanks again to everyone that made me feel special yesterday, haha!

Monday, 15 July 2013

25 Facts About Me Tag / FashionSquash Edition

  1. I'm Nigerian.
  2. My favourite colours are lilac and pastel yellow. Always loved these colours.
  3. I listen to any type of music, anything that has a good beat, I'll sing along and dance to it.
  4. I'm shy. Meeting new people is such an awkward thing for me, but once we get talking, I won't stop!
  5. I can only clean with boiling hot water. e.g mopping, bathing, washing dishes. Weird I know.
  6. I'm always hungry. I could eat something every hour. Having a fast metabolism has its pros and cons.
  7. I have a nephrotic syndrome. It's not as scary as it sounds. Google it!
  8. I have 5 siblings. 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
  9. I'm the oldest child.
  10. I love everything about laughing. Making people laugh is my thing. I've been told that I'm funny, I'd like to believe I am anyway.
  11. I have a very big family. I have about 40 cousins on my mum's and my dad's side.
  12. I've had an interest in fashion since the age of 9.
  13. My dream career is a fashion designer.
  14. I hate milk, bananas, Brussels sprouts and tomatoes. Yuck!
  15. I can't leave my house without my eyebrows being done.
  16. My favourite movie is The Devil Wears Prada. Love it!
  17. I have a ketchup addiction. I put ketchup on EVERYTHING savoury.
  18. I talk in my sleep. My sister told me the other day, she thought I was on the phone haha
  19. I have 7 piercings. A tongue piercing, 4 ear lobe piercings (2 on each ear), a cartilage piercing and a tragus piercing. Tragus and tongue are my favourites!
  20. I have a phobia of mice/rats and injection needles.
  21. I hate cats. They scare me.
  22. I love photography. My love for photography has grown since doing a GCSE in Art.
  23. I'm a huge Hollyoaks fan. Everyday 6.30pm - 7.30pm, you'll catch me watching Hollyoaks.
  24. I have a tiny, round birthmark on my neck, people always feel the need to poke it.
  25. I'm hella ticklish. Tickle me and be ready to receive a punch or a kick and don't expect me to apologise.
That's my 25 facts about moi, gives you a little insight about me. Most people that know me well would probably say I've made myself sound normal but hey.

Thanks for reading guys!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Hair Essentials

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray
IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Olive Styling Gel
Dax Wave And Groom Hair Dress
Superdrug Hairspray Extra Firm
Hair Clip
Happy Friday!
 These are my hair essentials. I love my hair and try my best to look for products that will help me grow healthy hair. 
I wash my hair at least once every week and a half  to 2 weeks, partly because my hair is easier to handle when it's been washed recently and because when my hair hasn't been washed for a week, my head itches like crazy and I can't take that.
Most girls with Afro- Caribbean hair (that I know...) wash their hair every 2-3 weeks but I can't last that long.
I love the Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray, it came in the Company goodie bag that I purchased at Graduate Fashion Week. (I'm going to be doing a review soon-ish) It helps reduce blow drying time which is essential for me because my hair takes ages to blow dry!
The IC Fantasia Hair Polisher Olive Styling Gel is what I use to keep my hair in place when I have it up in  a bun, which is my 'signature' hairstyle. It doesn't flake and is very easy to wash out.
Also the Dax Wave And Groom Hair Dress is something I use to keep my hair in place when I have it up or when I want to keep my edges down.
Superdrug Hairspray Extra Firm is great for holding curls, it's not sticky and doesn't make my hair hard or anything like that, I could brush out the curls and my wouldn't be extra greasy or dirty, which I love.
Hair clip. It's something I use all the time, to put my hair up, to keep my hair in sections when  I'm blow drying etc.
These are my hair essentials, what are yours? Any you'd recommend? Let me know!
Thanks for reading lovelies,

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Collection Sheer Loose Powder - Translucent Review

If you know me, you'd know that I love drugstore make up products.
When I purchased this loose powder, 6 weeks ago, I was so excited to try it because I desperately needed a powder that would keep my oily skin at bay. I've been using it nearly everyday since I bought it.
 It comes with a sieve and a foam application pad which I recommend you don't use and throw out as it clumps up the powder in the sieve.

I apply it using my powder brush, it's very easy to apply but can be messy, I'm quite clumsy so powder goes everywhere!
I apply it after I've done my full face of make up e.g eyebrows, foundation, blusher etc. just because when I'm oily, everything's oily and who's like seeing oily brows. . . no one!

I usually apply it once when I do my make up in the morning and it does last all day (9am-4pm). If it's a really long day, I re-apply and it doesn't make me look cakey and it just dissolves on the skin and 'soaks' up the oil.

I like the way it makes my skin look smooth and velvety.
I hate when I feel like I'm adding a layer of product onto my face but with this powder, I don't feel like that at all, which is good for me.

I'd recommend this anyone who's a looking for a good quality powder with a cheap price. Retailing at £2.99, I think it's a good powder for that price.
I'd definitely purchase this powder again and again because it doesn't make me break out, being able to re-apply it without having to worry about build up on my face is great.

Overall, a big thumps to the Collection Sheer Loose Powder!

Have any of you tried it? Any similar ones out there that you like?

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 8 July 2013

OOTD : Neon Pink & Bows

 Dress - H&M
 Glasses - Primark
Necklace - Topshop (won from a giveaway)
Bag - Victoria Secrets
Sandals - Primark

Friday, 5 July 2013

Current Favourites


Click here for 'How I Style My Blazers' post
MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette - Superdrug
Necklace - Primark
 Skirt - New Look (last summer)
MUA Cream Blusher - Dolly
w7 UV Nail Polish Rave
w7 Angled Eyeliner Brush
Sure Women Compressed Cotton Ultra Dry Deodorant
Hey everyone,
These are my current favourites guys, I love trying new products but when I find a product I love, I keep on using it until they stop selling it.
I love the MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette but shade 4 is my favourite shade, it  really brightens up the eyes and can be used for a day time look and night time look.
I use my angled eyeliner brush to conceal around my eyebrows, my brows take about 10 minutes to do and using this brush helps get them done in the time frame, especially when I'm in a rush!
The MUA cream blusher in Dolly is my favourite blusher as it isn't too bright and it adds a great everyday glow.
 The necklace is my favourite statement piece, I can wear it with a shirt, a white tee, a dress, it goes with everything!
The stripy skirt. I love it, any chance I get to thrown it on, I do, I recently featured it on my How I Style My Blazers post. It's great for spring/summer and is very easy to style.
What are your favourites at the moment guys? Anything you'd recommend?
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How's Life Jess?

Hey everybody,
This post is going to be a little bit different, it's a life update.
'How's life Jess?' is what the 'series' is going to be called. I like that. . . .  'How's life Jess?'
As some of you may know, I study a BTEC in Fashion & Clothing at college, there's been many up and downs throughout the academic year. From crazy teachers rattling your cage to laughing at something so silly at the wrong time, I can truly say it's been a bittersweet year.
I'm surprised at how fast this academic year has gone by but I'm happy I now longer have to get up in the mornings for the next 2 months.
Now, a life update wouldn't be a life update, if I didn't tell you about this amazing human being.
She's been by my side since the first day of college, when we both got off the bus together, late like always. We literally can be having a conversation and she'd say something I was just about to say, like she'd been reading my mind and vice versa.
I'd say she's a 'sister from another mister'.
(Gia, just read it and smile, haha)
Blogging. I love blogging.
I started this blog in November 2012, I don't find blogging to be like a chore or a job.
It's simply a hobby and I love it.
Now I've finished college for the year, posts are going to be more regular, I'm quite excited actually.
Other than blogging and college, life's been pretty boring guys.
Thanks for reading

Monday, 1 July 2013

June Lust List '13

Gold Diamante Stud Chunky Chain Sports Watch  - New Look
Cross Heart Peace Midi Ring Pack - Topshop
NYC Quatro Eyeshadow Best Of Broadway - Superdrug
Simple Pore Mini Cleanser
Nike Air Max 90 Premium
MUA Dusk til Dawn Eye Shadow Palette
Here's my June lust list everyone, I am currently on a shopping ban until my birthday (20th July) which is absolute torture!
I've been wanting this and that throughout the whole of June but eye shadow palettes have been catching my eye. NYC and MUA have great eye shadow palettes for cheap prices and that means I'm going to be stocking up!
A bit of arm and finger candy would do me a lot of good right now and this watch would look great on my arm, wouldn't it? haha.
Air Max 90 & 1 trainers have been flying around and the neon ones are my favourite at the moment, I'm not really a fan of pink but neon pink Air Max 90 trainers sounds wonderful but for now the neon yellow ones are going to replace the fact that I haven't seen any pink ones, they look great too, so I'm happy.
The Simple pore mini cleanser is a product I've heard about and would love to try.

So that's my lust list, what have you had you eyes on?
Thanks for reading!

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