Wednesday, 19 June 2013

MUA Extreme Curl Mascara Review

 without mascara
with mascara
Hello lovelies
I bought the MUA Extreme Curl Mascara a couple weeks ago and I've been using it ever since. I hate a mascara that clumps my eyelashes together and leaves a build up of product on my eyelashes.
 However the mascara brush separated my eyelashes very well and wasn't clumpy at all.
I like when I take out the brush to apply the mascara, it doesn't bring out a lot of product which helps apply it much better.
I'm very big on products smelling good, if a product doesn't smell nice why would you want to use it, right? This mascara has a very clean smell to it, you're probably thinking 'why are you even smelling your mascara?' but you'd be surprised at what you do when you buy a new beauty product.
I love the packaging, very sleek and simple. Also, the curved brush makes it easier to apply to the corner of your eye and the outer edge of your eye.
I would happily repurchase this mascara, as it doesn't break the bank and is quite good quality for only £2!
What is your favourite mascara? Are there any mascaras you've tried that aren't so great? 
Let me know, thanks for reading!



  1. wow this is really lovely! i like that your eyelashes remain natural even after application xo

    Check out my new all black outfit on blog! :)

    1. Thanks and you should definitely try it, it's only £2!


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