Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Orange Lip

Hello lovelies,

The orange lip trend is alive and is going to help you enhance your summer look and here's how!

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The orange lip looks best when it is paired with black mascara or eyelashes and minimal eye shadow.

For tanned or darker toned skin, using a matte and vivid colour lipstick will look great. MAC's Morange is definitely a good lipstick for these skin tones. 

For those on the other side of the spectrum, softer coral tones are best for paler complexions as it won't wash you out, also adding a gloss can help soften the look. MAC's Vegas Volt is a great lipstick for paler tones and using the Lustre Glass in Love Nectar on top will definitely bring the orange lip look together.

MAC Lipstick - Vegas Volt

MAC Lustre Glass - Love Nectar
MAC Lipstick - Morange

Here are few cheaper alternatives:

Hope you try out 'the orange lip' look this summer, are there any other great orange lipsticks out there? Tell me about them, hope you're all well,

Jesslyn x


  1. I've never considered orange lips before but actually this looks beautiful.
    Unsure if I can pull it off though!

    Kelly ||

    1. I thought that when I first heard of it, but if you find the right shade for your skin tone, it will look great, trust me!

      Thank you for viewing and commenting Kelly xo

    2. Oh do you think there's a shade for everyone?
      I'll have to start looking! :)
      & that's okay lovely!

      Kelly ||

    3. Definitely! I think a softer orange tone would suit you! x

    4. I'll have to try it out!
      Thanks so much lovely :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of MAC Morange!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Sunday Hun xoxo

    1. It's a statement shade and looks great on anyone that can pull it off!
      I would love to!

      Thanks for commenting xo


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