Saturday, 25 May 2013

MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette Review

Hey everyone!

I was given this eye shadow palette for Christmas and was very happy because of my slight obsession with MUA products.
I didn't use it straight away as I wasn't a massive fan of eye shadow and needed a little bit of practice as well.

For the past couple of weeks I've been using this palette on a daily basis, for me, it lasts all day without a primer which I love because I don't like using primers as I feel that they're just another layer of product on my skin.

It's quite pigmented meaning I don't have to pack it on for me to be able to see it.
I use the applicator that comes with it to apply the eye shadow and then use my blending brush to blend it out.

I love the fact that there are neutral colours, base colours, highlighters and dark colours to create a smoky eye.
I would recommend this to anyone that likes a palette with lots of variety and you can't really go wrong with a palette that costs only £4. 

Hope you're all well and let me know your views on any MUA eyeshadow palettes?

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