Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nail Polish Craze

NYC In a New York Color Minute - Park Ave
Hi guys, it's the winter season that always gets me excited to paint my nails because of the colours.
I bought this nail polish a few days ago, it is a mushroom colour and I absolutely love it! It's by NYC and it is only £1.79. It's supposed to be a 'quick dry' nail polish but I find it hard to sit still and wait for them to dry, so I end up smudging them and having to re-paint them.
NYC In a New York Color Minute - Fashion Ave Fuchsia

Barry M Nail Paint 292 Navy

Barry M Nail Paint Ruby Glitter
These are a few nail polishes that I am looking to get. The Barry M Nail Paint Ruby Glitter is great for the party season and adds a sparkle to your nails, literally.
Hope this has helped anyone that is looking to buy new nail polishes but is overwhelmed by how many different nail polishes there are!
Jesslyn x

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