Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Life As A Fashion Student...

Hey guys,
I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my life as a fashion student.
Collecting college ID's during a photoshoot

I am currently in my first year at college , studying a BTEC Extended National Diploma in Fashion & Clothing (sounds so technical!)
I started this course in September with basic knowledge of fashion, design and construction. As always when you start a course, the teachers throw a project at you to test your ability.
My course is split into different sections, pattern making/garment construction, surface pattern, design & concepts and photography.
Pattern making is probably the most complicated part of the course as it involves accuracy and correct measurements. Even though I do like a challenge when it comes to learning new things, pattern making requires A LOT of concentration and dedication.
Photography is my favourite part of the course. It involves exploring other artists and photographers and incorporating your research into your photoshoot. You also learn about  lighting and camera angles.
Overall, I am enjoying the course and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry.
Any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Jesslyn x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hey everybody,
Welcome to my blog :)

Let me tell you guys a little bit about myself... well, I am obsessed with fashion and beauty, I am a fashion student hoping to pursue a career in fashion design and I love giving fashion advice. Have I said fashion too many times?

I hope you guys enjoy my fashion and beauty blog and are inspired by it.

Jesslyn xo
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